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Indeed, sign up for our Premier service in Home Care and we will give you free gifts! Sign up for 24 hour live in care and we'll give you up to a $100 gift card! This is simply a promotion to show you our Paramount Client Care for your loved one. Just mention this website. We simply want to prove it to you. We can do anything from 4 hours up to 24 hours a day. 24/7 365. In addition to providing State-of-the-Art Compassionate care, we can cook, do light house keeping, accompany your loved ones to/ from the doctor or hospital, we are experts in discharge planning from any institution, we can care for ANY condition outside of a hospital. We are experts in Memory Wellness for Alzheimer's and dementia clients. We handle ALL activities of daily living for your loved one- bathing, grooming, hygiene, incontinence care, cooking, shopping- you name it, we go the EXTRA mile because we are the EXPERTS! That is how we earned our reputation. Weary customers being disappointed time after time with slipshod service from other agencies- come to us saying, "Oh, how I wish we would have found you first!!" The "Bottom Line" is NOT our motivation; uplifting the world with compassionate care is our primary concern.


San Francisco's PREMIER Home Care Agency will give you 4 free hours of Compassionate, competent care for free. Just mention this website and sign up for 2 weeks of care, 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. Put your loved one in Trusted hands of Loving Kindness. We relentlessly search for those Special care givers who naturally are Compassionate- and we magnify this through our special training classes. You will see this in their work- we guarantee this.

Our Goal is a Compassionate World- One person at a time.

Now we all know that's a pretty big order. So we do it one person at a time, slowly but surely, day by day. Our staff are all on the same page- delivering state-of-the-art care to those in need. We believe this is a Reverent Hallowed task. It's not 'glamorous' nor 'easy', but it is what the world needs now. We specialize in taking care of people debilitated, sick, with infirmities of dementia, cancer, stroke and any other problem where they need someone to do what they cannot do for themselves. Our staff are naturally compassionate, they study compassion, and are taught even more compassion and strive to deliver it. We are very proud of them. We believe Home Care is taking care of the LIVING, not the dying; because a human being never stops growing. And we try to VIVIFY this growth process. We are facing a situation where half of the human race in the USA will be over 60. Now 6000 people turn 60 everyday, and will increase. New medicine and improved nutrition is making people live longer. The antiretrovirals are staving off the ravages of HIV-AIDS. But ultimately all human beings must get sick and die, and our caregivers are Hospice experts. Dementia still remains a mystery to us, especially Alzheimer's Dementia. But we keep on top of the latest developments in memory wellness, medications, and techniques with dealing with all these infirmities.

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