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Performance Technic, Inc. is an Auto Boutique for BMW owners looking to maintain, upgrade or even build the BMW of their dreams. We are passionate car Enthusiasts with years of experience that is applied to every service we offer. We are forward thinking and have built a shop that is both clean and eco-friendly. It is our goal to provide the highest level of automotive service in a Boutique setting to our BMW customers. All by appointment in one of the cleanest shops in the Bay Area.

Our Services

We offer BMW only Maintenance and Repair, Suspension and Driveline Tuning, Engine modifications for street and track, Chassis reinforcement, DINAN parts and Tuning. We are a DINAN Authorized Dealer/Installer. Along with DINAN, we source what parts the customer wants and use our experience to tailor each upgrade or project for the customer's specific needs and desires. Tell us what you want and we will build it for you.

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