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Year Tuition Auction

One year's full tuition will be auctioned off at The Child Unique Montessori School's upcoming "Alameda4Kids - A Benefit Concert for Public Education" auction in Early 2011. Please watch our website or email us at for more details.

Principal's Message

It is impossible in a short video clip to capture the essence of what makes a school wonderful. We are one of many wonderful schools – what tends to set The Child Unique apart may be categorized as an overarching desire to create new models of how we are in the world which will assist children to interpret life generously. In an age in which we have no choice but to reactivate a gratitude for our earth and a zest for critical thinking, schools have the work of making something new – finding ways to create education anew – so that classrooms are laboratories of wonder, and the environment shapes the excitement of the child to appreciate the sciences and arts in the nature of universal discovery. In keeping with a Montessori philosophy, we are challenged to prepare the children to have a profound respect for our planet, to make a difference in our world and to honor all living things.

At The Child Unique, we value the importance of joy, awe, respect and caring for others and for the planet. We believe that children hold the key to changing this world, and that they are not empty vessels to be filled, but capable beings who can make a difference. We accept the challenge of being models of honor for differing people, a teaching example of peace and a place for active, living education.


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