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O'Dowd Plumbing - Radiant & Hydronic Heating Specialists

For more than 35 years, O’Dowd Plumbing has been designing and installing hydronic heating and plumbing systems. Family owned and operated, O’Dowd Plumbing has a reputation for fine European craftsmanship and a high standard of excellence.

We offer expert design and installation of quality products for both hydronic heating and plumbing systems for:

* Custom Homes
* Remodels
* New Construction
* Light Commercial Construction

We employ Accredited Green Plumbers and can provide options for conserving energy and water that can be incorporated into existing or new systems.

Visit our unique showroom to see Radiant Heating at work.

With our beginnings in Western Europe in 1973, O’Dowd Plumbing has years of experience designing and installing radiant heating systems. At our San Bruno offices we have created a showroom where various types of in-floor radiant heating materials are set up as working models, along with the other equipment that make up the systems. We invite you to visit our showroom to view some of the custom applications that are available in new construction, remodels and retrofits projects. Make an appointment to see…and feel…for yourself how radiant heating works.

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