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Introducing Tag & Text

One of Bay Area News Group's newest products is Tag & Text — a fast, simple and cost-effective way to turn mobile phone users into customers.

A customer takes a photo of your Tag (it works like a bar code) and Texts it. In a few moments the customer receives a reply. Replies can be simple text messages, or . . .
• Discount offers
• Free ringtones, wallpapers, etc.
• Videos
• Links to mobile websites
• Anything we can send in digital format

A Tag can go on the side of a truck, the back of a business card or anywhere else potential customers might see it. Because a phone is quicker, easier and more accessible than a computer in most settings, your tag becomes an impulse buy – a snap decision, so to speak – customers can act on immediately.

To learn more, call your Bay Area News Group representative or contact Jenny Kohler at

Who we are

Bay Area News Group is a family of newspapers, websites, mobile platforms and other media serving the entire Bay Area outside the city of San Francisco. You probably know us best as your local paper: BANG encompasses nearly all the leading daily and weekly publications in the market, including the San Jose Mercury News, the Oakland Tribune and the Contra Costa Times.

Our primary mission is to bring award-winning news, sport, business and local coverage to more than a million readers daily. But we're also your essential advertising buy. We can target your message to households in a single zip code, or saturate America's fifth largest market.

By seamlessly combining a wide range of resources — cutting-edge mobile media, high-traffic websites, specialty publications and much more in addition to our flagship newspapers — Bay Area News Group provides powerful, cost-effective marketing solutions for every size business. Call today and learn what we can do for you.

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