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Blue Dragon Taekwondo Academy

Blue Dragon Taekwondo Academy has been providing quality Taekwondo instruction and shaping children’s character for over 21 years. We strive to help our students to be the best that they can be, both physically and mentally. We offer a variety of classes tailored to meet the needs of different age groups and training goals. We hope you will stop by and visit us when you are in the area.

We teach Kukkiwon style Taekwondo, which is also known as Olympic style Taekwondo, as well as traditional style Taekwondo. Students can select the style that fits their personality. Olympic style Taekwondo fits well for students with competitive nature, while traditional Taekwondo style is more preferred by students with the desire to learn the traditional values of Taekwondo.

Our Mission:

The objective of our school is to bring out the best ability in our students and empower them with skills through Taekwondo training to be successful in academic, daily life, and professional career.

Our Programs:

· Help adults to get in shape, releasing stress and gain better health while learning self-defense.
· Help children build strong character.
· Help children build confidence, gain self-discipline, respect, accomplish goals, improve school work.
· Help channel students’ aggression.
· Help improve students’ assertiveness and teamwork skills.
· Empower our students with skills they can use to embrace the challenges of everyday life more successfully.

While quality Taekwondo training is our main focus, safety is something we don’t take lightly. Our 5000+ Sqf Dojang has plenty of room to move around and is designed with safety in mind. Our staff is certified with CPR/First Aid training.

Classes are regularly taught by Grand Master Thac Nguyen, who is certified by the World Taekwondo Headquarters with a Master's Instructor License. He has helped train hundreds of students to be champions at the collegiate, state, national, and international level.

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