About Me

This is a very tough time for our children. I am grateful they were able to spend the time they had with their mother.

Both are only young but as the years pass and they grow older I will ensure that they never forget how much she loved them. They were her world.

I would like to think Jane will be remembered as an extraordinary person whose courage and determination humbled me and inspired so many people. Jane would want those women who are battling breast cancer to stay strong.

She would want them to draw strength from the fact she didn't only 'survive' breast cancer for 11 years but during that time she lived life to the fullest and found pleasure in the simple things so many people take for granted.

I never took for granted the time I had with Jane and if there is one thing that can be drawn from her life, it is that every day is a blessing.

She said she always enjoy watching "Best of the Bay"

Thank you.


Great Mother & My Best Friend