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Best of the Bay highlights all the best places to live, work and play! Get to know these honored Nominees who represent the BEST that the Bay has to offer!

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This week's tagline and brownie points for those who know it's origin: "I don't believe in the no win scenario" (AIM or email for the weekly answer -_~)

What "makes me smile" :) : Those who live the "Aloha Spirit"

What "grinds my gears" >:O: Those who DON'T follow "The Golden Rule"

3 Things you'd probably NEVER guess about me:

1) I eat Capt'n Crunch in this order: Yellow Squares, Purple Berries, Blue Berries, Red Berries

2) In 7th grade, I entered the Regional Spelling Bee to represent for St. Mary's School, made it past the Written and even to the Oral Rounds and eventually misspelled the word "tholobate."

3) I am a dork/geek who LOVES anime, has dressed up as Chun Li, and gets giddy over gadgets!

Oh yeah...don't forget to smile :)...it's contagious and makes people wonder what you're up to :P


Regional Development Director and "Optimist Prime" :D